last year I read in the articles that he sees us and different companies they are going to pay double to the fresh talent I was bespectacled because you know when you talk about size based companies from a long time they had the fixed salary for the freshers it was approximately 3 lakhs per annum or 3.1 and recently they have given the high and they made it 3.5 lakhs per annum and that was a good amount for the freshers that’s what they thought and some that you know I used to always feel bad about those people who work on their skill set and of course if you have a skill so I don’t if you join service-based companies you do expect something extra and maybe these companies are not giving that extra stuff you go to Google or you go to big companies or maybe you focus on product-based companies and of course, due to this service based companies was not getting fresh talent and in fact, they were not getting good talent people who have good skill set because all these people they were going for particular companies and now they have changed their strategy even if you join Theseus even if you join these big companies they will give you training on different technologies so that’s the mindset right if you want to join any of this company you need one basic skill set which is data structures and you also need communication power and some of the other stuff so as an engineer.

if you are a fresh engineer graduate what you focus more on is data structures communication and at least knowledge of one programming language and you feel you’re good enough to join a company and that’s right you are good enough to join any service-based company but that’s what the column starts so this company they provide your training so of course, right every company have different domains different client base and based on the client based on the project they will give you training maybe some of you will get training on Java some of you will get training on testing some of you will get waiting on the new technologies of course right they also work on machine learning they also work on blockchain now companies were facing issue providing this training because see if you want to provide machine learning training to a bunch of people, of course, it needs huge pause right and they want to reduce that and they also want to reduce the time in training because if you are spending an hour later two or three months for the training you are wasting your time you’re wasting candidates time right of course candidate will learn something but what if you can hire people who know this technology before joining so let’s say if we talk about freshers of course you might be expecting them to know nothing about the fresh technologies but that’s not the case things are changing right nowadays ensuring students itself they are you know in the graduation they are learning a new skillset

last year I met with some of the amazing people in Hyderabad and they were into machine learning they are into a blockchain from a long time in fact from the last one or two years in their engineering itself now these people they work on that skill set not on the exams of course exam marks are important because some people focus on marks some people focus on skillset I love those people who focus more on the skill set, of course, I’m not saying you should drop out or you should not focus on your college you should but your main focus should be skills of course if you even if you scored along let’s say 16 percent your exams that’s more than enough what’s important is your skillset and now TCS says they will pay you to double if you have the extra talent a TCS and all these companies they were focusing on colleges they used to go to campus placement and they used to hire people but now they want to make everything online they want to go for online tests, of course, to save time so it cost no it was taking around let’s say four months for hiring and now they can do it in weeks so they are going for the online test and the test they have is not so once you clear that test you will get into your calls and then they can hire you but what if you have given the test of NQT and you got selected now the top performers in NQT will get another exam and if you cross that exam they will pay you double because that means you have a fresh talent now, of course, the hot talent because they are given this name hot talent so you will be hot talent provided you know the basic stuff, of course, data structures communications programming skills after that if you have some extra skills at let’s say ki data science blockchain they will pay you double and that’s what they are promising and of course, not everyone will get that they will be very choosy with those things because they don’t want to increase the cost in an exponential way, of course, they will peace they will be paying your money double so they have to earn it from somewhere so they will not give to everyone so maybe around it went one or two percent of the entire you know hiring will get there will be hot talent so if you want to increase your skills and it’s time don’t wait for your college to give you skill set because first you never going to do that they will be always taken to basics and industry is changing very fast right you can’t expect a college to teach you all new things that are your responsibility maybe you can attend workshop maybe you can attend online courses nowadays you can learn everything hotline may be the only thing you need is your interest your time and of course a good internet connection

So what you can do is let’s say if you want to get into machine learning just go online search for the courses complete the course not don’t just watch the course practice it makes some projects let’s say if you wanted me to blockchain don’t just wait for someone to upload a video there are so many videos have been able just to go there learn from them and build a project don’t wait for the certificates or don’t wait for a good day to start you can start now and you can complete the entire course before joining the company and of course, they will pay you to double so that’s what they are saying and of course all different companies they will follow this, in fact, Wipro also said that they will be giving you a hike or 50% 30 people based on your skill set so yes freshers will not get the same salary again now they will be differentiating based on this skill set in fact I remember when I joined the company for the first time as it was a service-based company and they are when they hire people it was around 92 people from one one placement and everyone got the same salary now of course everyone have a different skill set right maybe I know something which I don’t know and maybe know something which I don’t know and based on that they have given the same salary that was unfair and most of the people they lose their interest some people get something extra with they don’t they don’t deserve and some people get less which they deserve more and that’s that’s the issue right but now they are focusing on talent because that’s what that’s how they can hire smart people that’s how they can hire hard talent that’s a good word actually hot talent so of course all these this company’s they are going to use the same technique so DC has started of course everyone will follow so focus on your skillset I also focus on your exams but then skills are required don’t just take to your college don’t just stick to your basic curriculum focus on the extra skill set so that that’s it from this video

I hope you are motivated to work more so that you can join this company and they will pay you double of course money is not the only factor but it feels good right you’re getting more than others it’s not just that you know it’s about money it’s about the name so you’ll recall you’ll be called as white talent and that matters so that’s it everyone that’s it from this

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