Programming Language Is Not Just A Tool

we will talk about a topic which is one of my favourite which is programming language another thing is I want to talk about this from a long time it’s just that you know I was not able to convey my message but then today I have an example and the topic is programming language is not just a tool in fact you know previously we made some articles about talk by programming languages top-ten programming languages and not on just this channel we have so many youtubers talk about the same thing you know top 10 languages or 5 languages and then that’s good that’s a good thing right because you know we have certain websites which talks about the stats like we have data which talks about what major languages which are there we have Stack Overflow so the thing is if we talk about this languages and then we yes we do love to talk about languages and then there are some comments which says you know we should not be talking much about languages we should hope we should focus more on the other technologies and that’s why the other technology is something we have to focus more but then don’t underrate a language the thing is we have so many languages nowadays right we have more than thousand languages and out of which we do use 23 languages in the industry now you can name them right we have C C++ C Java Python Portland go and we have so many languages in the market now can we simply go for any language no it’s just a tool right now a lot of people will simply say hey programming languages are just a tool that doesn’t means you can choose any language right so based on the technology or based on the project you are working on you have to choose a proper language now some people also believe that once you learn one language you can use it everywhere example JavaScript you know JavaScript is there everywhere you just name a technology like we have website web development we use JavaScript for mobile development articles JavaScript for machine learning we use JavaScript

so we use JavaScript everywhere but is it the right choice the same goes for Python now python can be used everywhere in fact some people believe that you can make Android applications using Python we can but then is it a good thing is the right thing to do that now that’s a thing you can’t use one language everywhere see for different purpose we have different languages for example if you talk about the enterprise market Java is there right so in fact Java is there in the enterprise market from a long time so we have C sharp Java this odd languages which I was running the enterprise mama enterprise market now yes there are some topics in Java and we all know about it Java is very verbose Java has slow updates right so when it comes to verbosity yes it is verbose and then in new versions of Java they are trying to remove that like in Java 8 they try to reduce the anonymous inner class and then other stuff as well now same goes for other languages example everyone thought hey Java is very verbose we love JVM so let’s develop a language which will work on JVM which will replace Java and that’s why we got Cortland and Google thought hey record is already working on Java and then they are screwing Java let’s use part in as the official language I mean Java is also official language for Android but then they made partly as a primary language right so that’s what that’s what is happening with quailing and then cotton became a first choice for I enjoy developers but then Google also thought why can’t we just use one technology using which you can build apps for different platforms cause platforms initially it was done with the help of Java scripts maybe there was some flame was like ionic and other stuff then we also had react but now we can use flutter to do both right and that’s a thing for different purpose we have different things and what about Python now by these famous because of the buzzword nowadays right so if you want to learn a language and if you want to get into machine learning Python is a prerequisite see by learning Python you will not become expert in machine learning but that’s a first step right so you have to learn Python

but why Python why not some other languages is it because wife is the best language if path is the best language why we are not using it everywhere the reason is Python is famous is because it was easy language right so in schools as well they are teaching Python is because they can’t teach Java if they try to teach job off to a school student maybe they will start hitting programming language and Python being is in easy language you can teach to anyone right and that’s where people who are into AI from a long time they are not some programming background they are moved from mathematical background they are moved from engineering background and they wanted to learn a language so they went for Python and then they got a lot of libraries and then now since we got a lot of libraries people are moving towards Python for machine learning right now party is not the best language right in fact when I made Python CDs everyone loved it and when I loved the language but then will I use Python in my daily projects not exactly in fact I still prefer working on job I still prefer working on Cortland and now I’m moving towards go and now that’s a thing you know the moment we started with go everyone had this question why another language when you have so many languages in your pocket why to go for go so the thing is from a long time in fact when I dentistry started in in 1990s everyone started with C language right so they went for C++ because it was object-oriented C was good right we all loved C and C is for us in terms of performance when you compare the performance of C with us languages C is faster than Java C is faster than Python now you will be saying hey speed is not the only thing we look for in place well yes speed is the thing we look for because if the thing is nowadays we are focusing more on detail right so we are building applications which is data intensive right so there were going to talk about data items I’m going to talk about speed we need a language which should be able to do concurrency in a fast space and that’s well you can use C but then there’s one other issue here so that we can example here now when Facebook was develop Facebook started with PHP and laid it on there felt you know PHP is not able to give everything which Facebook needed because Facebook was growing very fast they were also facing some security issues so they introduced some new languages because they have different layers right so the the layer which talk which deals with data they have different language the layer which deals with security they have a different language the layer which interact with the user have a different different language now same goes for multiple companies right they study bits something else and they moved something else in fact Twitter they moved to Scala later right the same thing happened with now Salesforce recently acquired tableau now tableau being a company which works with data of course you they are working on some new product now which is called Einstein analytics and for that they were using C and Python now I see why not Python is because fire is good the only thing is this slow light they wanted the wrapper which will interact with the clients and stuff with Python but the actual work will be done in C to get the speed the only problem is every time you introduce a new feature you have to make that future in two languages C because the actual working was happening in C and to use that feature we need to do something for Python and that’s where they realize

this is a time now we need to go to a language which will do both which will give you a speed of C and which will be having a better way of using it and that’s where they went for go now so they basically they are moving from Python C to go language one language like and that’s the thing so you can’t simply say that language is just a tool or you can choose any language for any project no that’s not the case you have to be very careful when you start the project yes you can start with any language and then you can change it but trust me changing your language the back in language afterwards will take more time when you start with a good language so why can’t we just start with the language which is best oh no that’s one issue what if you have an idea with you and then you want to make it you will not learn a new language just for the idea right say in that case if you have a idea and then if you want to implement that you can you can do it in any language which you prefer because what matters is you want to implement it but when you have a choice when you have a choice to choose a language to be suitable for that project always go for a perfect language for that domain okay so if you want to make a website and if you want to make it fast PHP is the best option right if you want to make a website and you don’t know a programming language learn Python but if you want to build an enterprise application Java will be best option if you want to build in a mobile application depend upon do you want to work on cross-platform flatter or react write JavaScript is great but it’s not meant for everything let’s accept the fact so that’s the thing so that’s about the languages so I’m curious to see what languages comes up in the future because see company every company will want to have their own language right Google wanted their own language Oracle had a language now Microsoft has their own languages everyone want their own language so for sure in future we’ll be having more languages but till that point you have to use a language which is suitable for your project so that’s it from this article I hope you enjoy that me in the comment section and do subscribe for further articles bye bye

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