Top 5 Technologies in 2020

Now this is the here when we talk about the top technologies now this can be top five top eight or top ten technologies see number doesn’t matter what’s important is the technologies itself see every year we say this is a technology which will change everything in the future or this will change the void so that’s not the case right not every year we have new technologies so in this article, of course, we talk about the top five technologies but apart from that you have to also focus on those technologies which are still running in the market and they are trending and we also talked about those technologies which will be coming in future, of course, we can say this will change everything into 2020 but that’s not the case so there are some technologies which will come but surely in future I will talk about those two acknowledges as well so stay tuned let’s start with the technologies which are there in the market and which are hot so

the first one in my list is Big Data in fact I heard about big way back in I guess in clear 2012 so is there for a long time but still it’s hot in the market most of the technologies they are still looking for people who are experts in some of the Big Data technologies so of course you can go with that

so it’s basically huge amount of details there on this servers with the companies and they want to make a sense out of it and of course to use that they use this new thing which is data science so that’s the second on Mondays so big data the second one is data science

so, of course, right if you have a huge amount of data you have to make a sense out of it and you can make a sense sort of read only with the help of data science the third one is nothing about this you have Big Data and if you have so much of data on the network you have so much of value on the network anyone can hack it right and then we if we do hear this news everywhere that you know this server stuff is getting hacked you know this company is losing this amount of data so we have to make sure that we also secure it and that’s why the third on my list is cybersecurity science

so the fourth one is I mean think about this we have all this data we have all these computing so where you will have this computing, of course, we are moving towards cloud okay we are not just moving her to a towards cloud it’s already most of the companies they have moved their infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure one of the most famous infrastructures the cloud infrastructure is AWS one of my favourites so that’s the fourth one the cloud computing

and the fifth one is it’s actually new but that I feel most of the companies are starting started using it and yeah so you can say they are testing the jobs as well which is at PA the reporting process automation so most of the tedious work or the definitive work is by is replaced by RP and now so maybe data integration or replying to the emails now it is getting automated with the help of rpm so it’s not something which is very new but then it’s something which is very trendy now so they are looking for people who can work on these technologies

now those five technologies was something which is there in the market and you can still go with that now the next five is actually the hot ok when I say hot it simply means it’s very niche not a lot of companies are working on them but they want to work on them and they want to hire people who can work on these technologies so now I will go in a descending order now so let’s go with the fifth one so fifth in my list is so you can you can get this technology so this is a technology which will help you to connect all your devices you know you have your smartphone you have your Smart Watch you have your smart bulb you have your smart fan smart easy so you can connect all of them and they can interact with each other so basically you can make a smart home and not just you can use it only for homes you can also use it for commercial use for commercial places and you guys should write IOT so Internet of Things now this is something which we were waiting from a long time
5) IOT so Internet of Things

in fact in 2016 I went to one of the workshop for IOT and it was amazing you know the way the demonstrated technology I thought it will be implemented in 2017 itself but then it’s turn 2020 now and still we are waiting for the full-fledged solutions for IOT maybe this year we’ll be having a lot of companies coming out with it this technologies let’s go with that so IOT is one the fourth one in my list will actually help IOT technologies now think about this you say you have all these gadgets on all these smart devices with you of course they have to interact you I they have to do some processing so let’s say if I’m wearing a Smart Watch or if I’m if I’m driving a smart card or dads we are waiting for my driverless cars so if you have a driverless car and then this car has to interact with this server now most of the time you use a cloud server right so let’s say you are driving in Mumbai and you have a cloud server somewhere in different countries so of course there’s a huge latency between the device and the server so there should be a dish we have to use I’d use that latency and the way you can do that is enough using cloud computing which is very far you can use edge computing now edge computing is something so let’s say if you have a device here so let’s say if you have this room and if you have all these devices instead of having a server in maybe a remote place like the way we can have a computing server somewhere nearby so that the latency will be less of course this edge computing servers will be connected to the cloud servers for sure but then to increase the latency or to decrease L it is a time
4) H computing

we can use H computing that’s the fourth on my list and of course most of the companies will start using edge computing to improve that latency
3) The augmented reality and the virtual reality

so third in my list you can guess t so this thing is actually changing the way you play games but then we can also use it for other purposes as well maybe for education so this is a our VR the augmented reality and the virtual reality so again from a long time a lot of companies are promising that they will be launching these products at least in in US market so I’m waiting for them to launch those products in the Asian market as well so we are hearing about oculus rift so Facebook is working on that in fact I’ve also heard about some companies or some start-up’s they are working on a are VR which will help the education system which will help colleges which will help schools to teach some concepts so that’s a are we are thermalized nice time for talk to and now you can guess the first one of course no one can change that first one right so it doesn’t matter which video you watch it doesn’t matter article you refer to and whom you interact with the first is always fixed
2) Blockchain

and you can guess it the second one in my list is blockchain personally I’m a big fan of blockchain technologies so when I started with blockchain so basically blockchain will help you to have the immutable ledger or the network and it will be available everywhere and it’s also distributed so we are waiting for this decentralized internet so that this big companies like Facebook Google they don’t own your data basically you will own your data so we have ready for that time and blockchain is promising that they will change it but again the same issue right so in 2018 also blockchain was supposed to revolutionize the industry but then it is it takes some time right because not every company is open for this new technologies and some companies have done that POC maybe this year they will be launching out of products on this so even otherwise not have been used on blockchain so if you want to learn about blockchain check out the channel there will be a blockchain playlist so we can talk much about that and then

top of my list of course on everyone this is AI and machine learning C again it takes time for all the technologies to emerge and to to prove their capabilities and we know about machine learning it is changing lot of different things maybe in a personal sector maybe in there you can say education sector maybe in the medical sector maybe we can have some more tools in the future which will be more of robotic right so maybe we can have a Google assistant in fact we are using Google assistant we are using Siri they are not hundred percent ready for us but then they are improving everyday thanks to your data of course so that’s the future right in fact every company now they are dependent on this this technologies now one of the one of the best case for me would be you know as a student if you are learning something and if you want a help of course you want a teacher to help you to give you answer what if the answer is already available on the network it’s just that we are not able to find it so maybe your search will give you the right result but that should be very customized wizard so AI should know you who you are and based on that it should give answer yes Google does that but Google it does that based on your interest data that’s what they promise but what if they can share the consults something based on your emotions based on the situations so that’s something a I can come up with and it can help students as well so that’s the AI part top one
now the technology which will be coming in 2020 or and which will be wallowing mode and now time for the two technologies which will be coming in future and we all know about them the

first one is the quantum computing yeah I know I know so from a long time everyone’s talking about quantum will change the world and 2020 was supposed to be the year where we’ll be using quantum machines but we have to wait more last year Google said they have achieved quantum supremacy I doubt anyone IBM is against that but let’s say what will happen for what will happen to that news but it will take some time for Pointon computing to be used in the mainstream servers the second one for me is 5g yes I know it’s a mobile network so what’s a big thing with that I see with 5g we have some problems which we are going to solve the one of the biggest problem was with IOT the thing is when you talk about all these devices which are connected and they have to share data we always face the issue of latency right so there’s a huge gap the other response time and with the help of 5g we can reduce it and once you can reduce the time between the interaction between the between devices it will be having a huge impact on the order of experience of IOT so I’m ready for this – technologists quantum and 5g but I’m sure it will not be in 2020 at least in the Asian market so yeah that’s my list of top five technologies of hot for technologies for 2020 let me know your these two as well in the comment section of course instead of saying five I went what twelve but that’s how it works right so Vic I can’t skip technologies of course I’ve it acknowledge is important so that’s a tax file that’s my least let me know you are in the comment section.

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